An online portfolio of Brian Edenfield
This is a test animation for a project detailing a future UN mission to Somalia through the eyes and camera of a documentarian embedded with the UN peacekeepers. Adopting a documentary style, the animation will capture the raw and unfiltered reality of the mission challenges and triumphs. The documentarian perspective will provide an intimate window into the daily struggles of the people and peacekeepers as they attempt to bring stability to the region.

I encountered significant challenges while attempting to animate the raster assets of the characters in Adobe After Effects, leading me to search for a more elegant and efficient solution to bring the characters to life. I am motivated to explore alternative methods that can streamline my animation workflow, whether it involves adopting vector-based animation techniques, exploring specialized software, or leveraging advanced rigging systems.


UN Soldier Animated States - Looping gif of resting, walking and jogging animation states. Animated in After Effects.