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Sunday, February 20, 2005

I know I shouldn't be celebrating this....but....

This is great.

Woman got what she deserved. And what the fuck is going on that this shite is happening now? It just seems that there's all this weird, absolutely mind twisting crap going on recently with these women who are trying to cut babies out of pregnant women's wombs.

Maybe it happens all the time and national news just isn't picking it up most of the time. But this is some pretty heinous behavior. I'm sure most of the cases would get national attention.

Missouri....Kansas....What is it something in the Mississippi waters? All that midwest drudgery making *some* people stir crazy?

Whatever. Another flipping freako off the streets. Good riddance.


Blogger Julia said...

Didn't hear about this one. That's totally fucked up. But maternal instincts are at their fiercest when it comes to protecting our (unborn) children. It seems so weird that there are so many babies being thrown into dumpsters or given up for adoption, yet on the flipside, there are women who are willing to commit these outrageous acts of violence. This is what happens when you vote for Bush.

10:56 AM  

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