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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Craigslist is comedy gold somtimes.

Saw this on the Rants and Raves page:

I saw revenge of the sith at noon today. After I got high as kite tonite and went down to beach, you know by tower 21. Wow, the women were so hot, and next to me was a fine little brunette, black bikini and those chanel shades. No matter how hard i concentrated and said 'horny you are, want me you do', nothing happened.

I think women may be sith in disguise. So I spoke to her, all she was interested in was my beer, she was no sith, just a bitchy princess with a nice ass. So I tried to use the force to undo her top, no success, but it did get chilly and her nipples poked out, so I offered to show her my light saber, she ran away.

That was it, the force is useless on the beach, you're better off with 6-pack abs and a 6-pack of beer. Next I will try and use my jedi abilities on lesbians, I have a good feeling about this, well at least in my pants.

I won't link to it because it will be gone soon.


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