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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Marker Sketch: 25 minutes

Ballpoint pen sketch with marker shading and sharpie outline.

Getting back to a technique I did years ago before I switched to all digital sketches. I had forgotten how much I prefer rendering sketches this way. Even with a wacom, you lose the feel of drawing because of the loss of that subtle friction between the pen and paper.

A ballpoint pen doesn't react with the marker as well as colored pencils do, it seems.

New sketch:

Old sketches:
These were first drawn with a blue colored pencil. They react better with the markers.

Even though both the pencil and ballpoint pen smear with application of the marker, the pencil doesn't do it in a obvious way.


Anonymous Don Colley said...

Hey Brian, enjoyed nosing around your website. I like how you build those complex robotic figures while keeping them anthrpomorpic and graceful. I'm looking at this drawing of some crew-cut dude going thru his lunging tansau. beuatiful rendering of his thrusting arm. You have an intuitive sense of anatomy.
Have you played around with Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Brush pens? They're just water and pigment so they don't have that solvent so many markers have, (which could be what's blowing out you ballpoint lines)and they don't stink to the rafters. Personally, I'm so over that retched smell.
Keep posting the sketches. Cheers, Don

3:50 PM  

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