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Sunday, January 02, 2005

The last day of my "vacation"

Okay, today is actually the last day of my "vacation". This is not one of those really awesome vacations that you take to some exotic island in the pacific with a beautiful woman by your side. No, this was a working vacation. I took a break from freelance work so I could concentrate on a few of my personal projects. I did take a trip the week of christmas, so I haven't been completely homebound.

One of those projects was an illustration that I will submit to Spectrum 12 Fantastic art book. I haven't completed as much on it as I would have hoped, but I think I will be done by the deadline. This I promise to myself. Another one of the projects I've been working on is a sketchbook of drawings that I hope to self publish and sell at the San Diego Comic Convention. Alot of comic book artists do this yearly. I hope to offer something different. A lot of the art on my blog will be included in the sketchbook (high res of course).

I've also been putting a lot of time - during most of the year as well as this "vacation" - to taking Beeline Studios into the realm of game development. Right now it is specifically an asset resource. But I want to build a development studio that will - in my best hopes - work outside of the already established publishing environment. I have spent some time on the pre-production phase of the very first game under the Beeline label. It will be a small holiday game for christmas 2005. I expect about a three month development cycle - you know on top of working for a living. It's a fairly simple concept, but it will be a good first step for my burgeoning company.

I have yet this - erh, I mean LAST - year to put as much time into the three short films I've been working on. I had other priorities. But the ideas are timeless - well not timeless as in priceless or extraordinary or anything, just not topical in any sense - so there is no rush for me to get them done.

Sketch: About an hour each. I'm having a really good time with these nude studies. I want to see how many nudes I can come up with out of my head before I get another creative brainlock.


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