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Monday, August 30, 2004


Spent today working on an illustration that I will try to sell as prints. Also, keeping up on the happenings in NYC.

Sketch: 30 minutes, no reference.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Just another blog in an infinite sea of blogs.

This is my weblog. Why do I call it "Black Fuel Incinerator"? Well, calling it by my name would be boring and besides Blog names seem to all have a stream-of-consciousness sort of identity to them. I guess it's appropriate given that most of them (blogs) do seem to have an almost ADD randomness in the postings.

Black Fuel Incinerator is a song name of an obscure, but still very cool band from Tennessee called "the grifters". When I was creating the blog, I was listening to the here I am explaining this innocuous bit of trivia.

My intention is not to bore, but you never know. I'm not a political activist, a tree hugger, a christian fundamentalist, militant leftist, rabid right-winger, anti-establishment, pro-establishment, or otherwise extreme kind of guy. I'm just an artist. I draw, create, make stuff move, and generally pursue my craft. From time to time, well my hope is everyday, I will post a daily sketch along with all the other random thoughts that happen to be percolating in my head.

I've got issues with the current direction in which my country is headed and I may just get it off my chest here. But it's not all going to be about politics. I will review the games I am currently playing as well as provide a little inside info on some animated films that I am working on in my free time.

First on the list though is a gallery opening in which I may participate. Yes, yes, my first blog is a patently self promotional one. Seriously though, are blogs anything more than shameless self promotion? The show is called "Submerge" and it will be happening at the new and improved Lo-Fi Other friends and compatriots who will be showing include but are not limited to: Eric, Anselm, Tanem and many others! Check it out if you live in the SF Bay Area.

First Sketch!!! Done in about 30 minutes. No reference used.

Peas ow-oot!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Nothing to see

What did I say? Nothing to see just yet.