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Friday, October 22, 2004

Amazing. Mind boggling. Haters all think alike.

Man, it's amazing what people who have nothing but contempt for the process will do to make sure "their" agenda is fulfilled.

Only those who hate America (At least half of it anyway) and what it stands for would do something this dispicable, if it is indeed true -,

More felonious doings from America haters -

Disenfranchisement anyone? -

Yet more people who want to get over on the system -

Liberal pussery from people who you would hope have more passion than they do -

And the current punching bag ( rightly so ) getting served yet again -


Shit I've been so caught up in all this I haven't even played any games or seen movies. What's this, erh my, world coming to?

Sketch: 95 minutes. No reference.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Liberal media my a$$. - This just confirms what I have always thought and what Jon Stewart alluded to so eloquently - heh - on Crossfire. Network news is corporatised shit for the lazy masses. If you get your news from these chickenshit fuckwits, then you are not at all in touch or informed.

We the people no longer really own the airwaves anymore. The airwaves, and by extension the corporations, own us and the information that they feed us. Ted Turner-Corporate sell out. But don't worry, the new season of Survivor has started, and it's bigger, louder, and more sexy than before!! Ppppffff.

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy said it best: Television, the drug of the Nation.

"T.V. is mechanized politic's remote control over the masses co-sponsered by environmentally safe gases watch for the PBS special It's the perpetuation of the two party system where image takes precedence over wisdom Where sound bite politics are served to the fastfood culture Where straight teeth in your mouth are more important than the words that come out of it."

This is a great album. "Hipocrisy is the Greatest Luxury". It's over 10 years old, yet transcends time.


Sketch: 10 - 45 minutes each.

Friday, October 15, 2004

I Love Jon Stewart.

I had a chance to listen to Jon Stewart drill Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala on Crossfire today. I have to say I have a crush on Jon Stewart now. He nailed those guys on the theatricality and absolute irrelevance of their "debate" show. His cuts were deep and satisfying. There is no debate, it's a thirty minute shill session. Their show further corrodes my opinion, not a positive one mind you, that CNN and all it's TV bethren are nothing more than corporate garbage. There is no real discourse. It's sound bite fluff, punditry, and opinion disguised as "informed analysis". You never get real news or unbiased journalism and that sucks.

While I like Paul Begala and grudgingly agree with Tucker Carlson on occasion, I believe they're not doing anything more than lowering the bar where Crossfire is concerned. And Jon had the balls to stick it to them where it counts and I love him for it. I've only read one book by Begala: "Is our children learning". While I found it to be a good fun read, I felt at the time - it's been at least 4 years since I read it - that Paul came off a little smarmy or unctuous in his approach to analyzing GW Bush. He really wanted to stick it to Bush and he did, completely. But his attempts at "civility" seemed very forced and not at all genuine. And Tucker? Well Tucker's a dick, but he's a smart guy and not a senseless toady like James Carville or Robert Novak. Transcript.

Sketch: 75 minutes.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I didn't see the last debate tonight and haven't read the transcript, but according to the news I've read Kerry toasted Bush to a nice charcoal grey. Yet the "likely voters" are still evenly divided between the two. What does Kerry have to do to prove he can do a better job than Bush has done?

Iraq is America's problem. We broke it, we have to fix it. But I believe Kerry is going to persuade the UN and the Security Council to get behind the US and help us fix the mess. And Kerry's plan, with UN troops and international legitimacy, will work where Bush's - heh - plan failed. Secure the borders, quell the insurgency, bring order to the streets with FULLY-TRAINED iraqi police. It's all here: Kerry's Plan. He is the only man for the job. That is clear to see. My fervent hope is that a clear majority feel the same way.

Sketch: 65-90 minutes each. No reference.

Friday, October 08, 2004


Kerry won the second debate tonight, hands down. Although Bush performed much better in this one than in the first one, it wasn't enough to beat the next President of the United States. John Kerry used Bush's own words against him, attacking him on his lack of consistency regarding Iraq. Kerry was relentless in his assault and it was clearly getting to Bush. If in the first debate Bush came off as being completely out of his element, in this debate he came off out of his mind. Don't believe me? See what the experts at Fox have to say - dailykos.

This is a pretty good blow by blow -

Sketch: 3 hours 30 minutes. No reference.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Blast in Egypt This is fucked on so many levels. Egypt is not a country known as a bastion of human rights, democracy, or even rule of law. Hell, not many countries in the middle east are known for these things. Okay, none. Except Israel, of course. Egypt cracks down hard on dissent. Now, the government will crack down harder. This will undoubtedly strain it's already tenuous relationship with Israel. Israelis, and other foreigners as well, will think twice before heading there. It's a downward spiral considering the already inflamed passions of the Middle East thanks to the war in Iraq. Shit like this just sucks. The people commiting these acts have one goal. Infidels out of their country.

You can imagine what a theocratic government would do if they took control of Egypt, taking into consideration what the Taliban did to the ancient Buddha statuary in Afghanistan. Taliban tolerance. It's not inconceivable.

Judith Miller is getting the shaft, while Robert Novack seemingly gets a pass. Miller.
This is a pretty contentious issue. On the one hand, I think they should give up the source. Because the bastard who outed Plame should rot in prison for the rest of its subhuman life. But on the other, I don't think they should be forced, coerced, or targeted simply for revealing truths.

Clearly Robert Novak had no concern at all for Plame's life and safety. He should have just sat on what he got. But he didn't and there's no excuse for his behaviour. But he is not to blame here. Well, he is but not as much as the fuck who gave him, and Judith, the information. He's a reporter. That's what he does. Was Judith Miller just going to sit on the info? Who knows. But she wasn't the one who outed Plame. So why is she in hot water, but Novak isn't? He should have been the first one called to answer for this. I hope someone comes forward and does the right thing. I want to see heads roll for this bullshit.

In other news, the Submerge show opening will be held on the 16th of October, 2004 at LoFi Customs. Come on out!

My studiomates Eric Joyner and Grant Corley did open studios this year. They had a fairly good turn out.

Eric saluting all those who came before.

Grant playing a strong hand.........or a geisha. You decide.
Sketch: 45 minutes each figure. No reference.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Edwards is just alright with me.

Hey, I think the VP debate was a draw. Cheney lost steam in the end and Edwards was hammering the VP on his obvious conflict as former CEO of the Halliburton company. The company that has been fined by the government, is currently under investigation, and has had some questionable practices come to light regarding Iraq.

Edwards also made it a point to add that some very prominant Republicans - John McCain, Chuck Hagel, Richard Luger - have come out with withering criticism of the ongoing catastrophic success....erh disaster that is Iraq.

But Cheney proved how capable he really is at deflecting criticism. Regardless of whether he told the truth or not. factcheck.

Check out the transcript and decide for yourself. debate transcript

Sketch: 90 minutes. No reference.

Monday, October 04, 2004

EVHEADing on down that lonesome highway.

The guy who invented the internet---blog is saying a-river-dirt-chee to his little baby. Bye meester EV!. Without him, you wouldn't being seeing my blog reporting this little info about the head blogger telling the blogging community, by way of his blog, that he's hanging up his head blogger hat. The mind boggles...erh bloggers...uhm something like that. HEY! Thanks Ev for making it possible! I'm late to the game, but still appreciate the fruit of your labor.

I had some other stuff I wanted to talk about, but I haven't the time right now. Later.

Sketch: 90 minutes. No reference.