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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Drink and Draw: San Francisco

I enjoy reading political cartoons. I try to hit Cagle's Index once or twice a week. I definitely prefer them over the serialized cartoons. Sometimes I have an idea for a political cartoon and will write it down with the hope that I will draw it up. Never happens, thankfully. When I go back and read them, 99% are crap. It's a good thing I don't spend more than a few minutes to write them down.

I thought this one was kind of clever, so it was my "assignment" to myself for last nights Drink and Draw. Obviously, I'm not following the layout rules for a typical cartoon. But if you look at it as more of a storyboard, it might work well as an animated cartoon similar to Mark Fiore's work. Whether it's clever or not, I will leave to you readers.

I've noticed this particular hairstyle that seems to pervade our "civil" servants: bulletproof and parted from the left. I've always found it really offputting and creepy. It's completely unnatural, but I suppose not many politicians have the cojones to pull off a "Junichiro".

Well, these hairstyles inspired me to figure out a political cartoon. The hair became the central theme, so I thought of hair salons immediately. Being a damn liberal from Atlanta, the pols I seemed to focus on were the southern Republicans. Dixiecrats was a term with which I was familiar. Pretty extreme types, they were. And the hair salon that first popped into my head was Supercuts, whose tagline from a few years ago was "As Stylish As You Want To Be" or something similar. And there you have it. I just mixed the names together and the toon wrote itself.

Being the Cagle's junkie I am, I've noticed that a lot of the cartoonists pick the same theme week by week. It's like they're some kind of hive mind, those political cartoonists. There might very well be a cartoon out there somewhere in the world that draws upon the same themes mine does. And if it does, I apologise Mr/Ms Cartoonist. I know how tough it must be to come up with an original idea for these things EVERY FRAKIN' WEEK and I definitely don't want to steal a professional's thunder.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Drink and Draw: San Francisco

Welcome to Shlong City!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Drink and Draw: San Francisco

Just a little situational sketch.

Net Neutrality

Don't think it's really an issue? Imagine you're a small business that survives from online sales and without it you're basically sunk. Now think about what a slow down would do to your visitor numbers. Do you wait around for impossibly slow websites to load up? Didn't think so.

Telecoms like AT&T already make money from companies "using their pipes". Their attempts at putting toll booths on net traffic is nothing but straight up greed. And they're using YOUR representatives to strip more hard earned dollars out of your pocket. Don't let 'em do it. I'm getting rid of my Cingular(AT&T) phone very soon. You should do the same. If you have an AT&T product or service, I say chuck it for one of the other providers.