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Friday, December 31, 2004

Out with the old. In with the new.

I'm clearing out a bunch of links that I saved to my favorites folder. See how nutty I am? I don't even like a messy favorites folder!

Election Related: (Nothing to see here folks, just a fraudulant election.)
-Exit poll results
-The Diebold has you, Neo
-Kerry won? Naw!

Head Scratchers:

Brain bile from Michelle Malkin, That Wonderful Strong Conservative Voice! /sarcasm off/. I wonder if anyone told Michelle that Filipinos had a fast track to citizenship through our military as a sort of back door to the whole process of immigration? Maybe not.

People want to fight in our military as a fast track to citizenship? You want to fight and die in an illegal war so a few corporations make record profits just to skip the naturalization process? Go for it.

I did my time and I've got the Veteran of Foreign War ribbon to prove it. If the pentagon wants to fight dirty wars for this admin, let as many illegals sign up who wish to. It's their choice, even if it's "technically" illegal. Hell, ShrubCo sees the Geneva Convention as "quaint", so who really cares about the law?

Well, I care about the letter of the law. But who am I? Just an artist trying to make it in the world on my terms.

Jerry causes death? Well, the death of reason and objectivity, yes.

What a journey this man took: One event so powerful that it framed his entire development as a person.

Science is grand:

Cool Stuff!:
DVD player
Powerskip your way to a new you!

Game related:

Social Security made more money for this guy than the stock market:

....and the best link of all? Part of the transcript from Bill O'Lielly's sexual harassment lawsuit: The O'Lielly Factor. The scumbag settled out of court and the documents are sealed. What a vile piece of shit. But everyone knew that already.

This is some Grade A f--ked up shite.

Again, why is our, ahem, media not hammering this into every home in the country? Well, I already know the answer to that.

USA Vote Facts

Hey, this is cool: Babes in Space!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Parachutes? We don' nee no stinkin' parachutes!

These people jumped out of planes without chutes and lived - Help meeeee!.

This guy wants to purposely jump out of a plane without a chute, although he has an intriguing idea for landing safely - Dropzone.

Having jumped out of a plane....uh with a chute, I understand what it takes to do this. To do this on an ongoing basis as a hobby completely escapes me. To want to be the first on the block to find a new way of foating to earth takes a special kind of person. I call them crazy.
Sketch: About 45 minutes each. No reference except for the girl's face at the bottom which took about 10 minutes. - Child's play

Since every gamer in the world knows about the 1up site, it's pointless to post this. But I thought it was fun to read.

Child's Play

Shark attacks on humans becoming more deadly?

Stories like this chill me to the bone. Brazil, Australia, Florida. I know shark attacks have always occured since man has set foot in the water, but I've always assumed from what I read that human fatalities were the result of the injuries and not from being eaten. Seems like sharks are now not averse to eating us scrawny humans. On the rise?

I wonder if it has anything to do with the depletion of their natural food sources?

I don't want to add to the hysteria, but DAMN this is some fucked up shite.


On a lighter note, Luba has such an amazing body. know..........for drawing.........and stuff. Luba Pics - warning! nude content ahead.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A new alternative energy........Steam?

Steampunks. Yes, it seems these bleeding edge engineers want to usher in some kind of steam renaissance. They feel it necessary to build a vehicle that will break the land speed record for a steam-powered vehicle. And then what...............?

Silly me, before I read this article I would have thought the land speed record for a steam powered vehicle was, like, 65 miles an hour........tops? Naw. Apparantly, a company named Stanley Steamer built the car that set the record of 127 mph back in 1906. Now Mr. Glynne Bowsher wants to build a new state of the art steamer with a top speed of............200 mph. Wow. Almost 100 years and all they can muster is a mere 73 miles more? All this effort and will it truely usher in a new demand for steam cars? Nope. The nature of their design is incompatible with the demands of a mass market consumer car. Wonderful.

These guys must have been funded by former dot com VCs. No due diligence. The VCs could have at least asked the experts on the marketability of steam powered vehicles before they invested. Hell, they could have just asked the Stanley Steamer company. They probably realised 100 years ago that they weren't going to make money at it, considering the fact that they now make steam cleaners.


Sketch: 45 minutes each. No reference. I am now on a chick kick. I will be drawing them for as long as I'm inspired by the nude female form. Guess I will be on this kick till I'm dead in the ground.

Reason enough to fear a christian AGENDA.

Stories like this make me wish there WAS - because regardless of what the fundies blather on about there ISN'T - a concerted effort to marginalize, regulate, or eradicate the christian faith. Suing because they believe they're being discriminated against for their discriminatory practices. It boggles the mind.

You know, I don't really care if they want to form an "exclusive" club at their university. As long as they don't get public funding or are subsidised in any way by the university system, I don't give a fuck what these anti-christian christians do.

Trust the ACLU. They exist to protect us ALL

I chanced upon this blog entry and thought I would spread it's positive message . Maybe the ill-informed masses who seem to believe the incessant lies about the ACLU could get a clue from it.
The ACLU does not have an agenda against christianity. Their sole purpose is to protect the civil liberties of any person or organization that is under threat of persecution by the force of government or majority opinion, regardless of whether you think they are deserving of that protection.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Damn! 9.0!

Wikipedia already has a page up on the earthquake that hit off of Sumatra - 2004_Indian_Ocean_earthquake. The resultant tsunamis have claimed 23,000 already - BBC. I hope the death toll doesn't climb much higher.

Photos from Phuket.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Old News, but it needs airing. - I just have to ask: How do these people get away with this crap on national television? American media - CRAPTACULAR! - Dollar continues the slide. But no problem according to the administration. "Furiners" will have to pay more for "Merkan" products. What Merkan products? Everything is made in Asia!

TRADE DEFICITS are not your friend.

----------------------------------------------------------- - Interesting story. Guy had all the luxuries with none of the responsibilities. If he put just a tad bit of this effort into pulling himself out of the situation he was in, he probably wouldn't have been a drain on the city.


No Sketch. I've been slackin' cause I've been sick this whole week. Illustration is something I completed recently.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Music to my ears.

Cheaters get the boot!! - Have I mentioned how much I really love Steam? Valve has done a great thing here. It will be great to see all the hackers and cheaters thrown out permanently. Then I know I will be getting my ass fragged legitimately.

Now all they have to do is add a couple of large outdoor arenas with the ability to use vehicles and deathmatch in HL2 will be as good as, if not better than, Halo multiplayer.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Punks using hacks on HL2 piss me off/

It always happens. It's an inevitability that some asshat will write a hack to get a leg up in a deathmatch game. It's happened in Half Life 2. Well, it's my first experience of it in HL2. Now, I'm not the best player ever in a deathmatch game, but I ain't no n00b. And I'm usually cursing to no one and everyone who kills me that they're a f*@kin cheater because my egotism will not allow for the very real fact that most are just quicker on the draw than I am. But these three guys - Nikita, Hunter Killer, and whoever the other guy getting the drop on me was - were definitely using some kind of hack that gave them super speed.

They were just a blur running around the arena. I would see a hint of them and in the split second it took the info to transfer to my itchy trigger finger, they would blast me. It got to the point where I would just stand there and let them frag me if I happened to spawn in the same room they were in. I don't understand what the fun is in using a hack to win. It's the wussy way out. I communicated that very thought to them. I don't know why. They couldn't care less what others think. It's the same thing as cursing at the computer screen when I get killed. I stroke my own ego and pretend I'm the superior player. Even though deep down I know that without the cheats, those same players would probably make a pile a steaming flesh out of me.

It's just the principle of the thing.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Another really fun game.........for free!

This is a blast!

Sketch: 20 minutes. Pretty crappy. Sometimes I'm just not feeling it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The real life "Punk'd"

So prisoners, the weak willed ones anyway, have a tutorial out there for dealing with life on the inside. Stephen Donaldson wrote a self help manual for those who are especially targeted for punking while in the prison system. This is some f'd up shite. The Guide to Protective Punking

I could only read it about half way through before I was too disturbed to finish it. I personally would prefer death to life on my knees like this. Of course, I don't plan on getting sent to prison anytime soon, so I can't even imagine what these "punks" must go through. And I don't want to imagine it.
Sketch: 20 minutes. I have an interview tomorrow with a very large game publisher in the Bay Area. Yeah, THAT one.

They asked if I could draw or match an anime style. I said: "Sure, I can do that. No problem." Trouble is I don't have any past work to prove it. So I sketched out from memory what a "typical" anime character looks like to me. I hope it's enough.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Now that's what I call a spicy a meatball.

They removed a 66! pound tumor from this woman!! Tumorific. Crikey, how does something like that happen when it's recommended that women go to doctors at least, what, once every six months? What a diet plan though! The tumor diet. Guaranteed to shave those unwanted pounds.....or kill you in the process. Makes you wonder how big a tumor could eventually get. I always assumed the bigger they got, the more poisonous to your body they became.

She'll probably live to be 110 now.
Sketch: 75 and 30 minutes respectively. These are preliminary sketches for an illustration that I will submit to the Spectrum 12 book.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Robert Novak is a pig.

Yet another reason why I have absolutely no respect for the American media. Novak is the scummiest scumbag to ever grace an op-ed column. And the weak willed invertebrates who pass for the "liberal media" are just as bad.

I'm completely sick of this crap. I am absolutely disgusted with the state of Amercan journalism. Robert Novak. Pig.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Is a union out of the realm of possibility?

No fun and games - Stories like this are disturbing. I've heard this about EA from friends who've worked there. I would definitely love to start something that works outside of this publisher system. This is just not right. Valve may be on the right track. Steam seems to be their ticket to self publishing autonomy. Not that Sierra has that much control over how Valve develops games.

But the game industry has been this way for awhile. Well, ever since EA scarfed up every independent game studio out there. This machine continues to steam roll along though because there's always some young hungry kid willing to kill himself to be a part of it.

I'm not so familiar with creative unions, but I assume those outside the hollywood movie system don't have much power or say in how things are done. I know the animation industry has a union. Alot of good it does though. Hollywood's already figured out how to get animation produced much cheaper in asia and india with only pre production creative work done here. They've been doing it for thirty years.

Maybe game industry unions - those for creatives and for programmers would be the way to go. Stories like above shouldn't become the norm. The sacrifice of many to benefit the few can't be sustained indefinitely.

EA spouse/ - Over 3000 comments on this weblog. Nutty.


Sketch: 3 hours. This was the final version of the soldier in one of my short films, but I am going to redesign him a bit. there nothing cooler?

Wikipedia is awesome - Wikipedia. If the internet is your library and Google is your card catalogue, then wikipedia is your cliff notes. You can learn a condensed history on practiacally any topic there.

And with this condensed history of Half Life 2, they have achieved shrine status with me. How cool is that?

The CIA world factbook is also fun to browse - Spookbook


More than 4 or 5 years in development and all we got was a too short single player and two friggin' deathmatch levels.

Well, with any luck the HL mod community will step up to the plate with some awe-inspiring multiplayer levels of their own.

Far Cry is shaping up to be the game of the year for me.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Silhouette sketches:

About 2o minutes each.


Half Life 2 Deathmatch is da bizzomb!!! Yeah, I know there are better multiplayer games out there. Battlefield 1942 in my mind is the best, followed closely by Halo. And Halo 2? Well, I haven't played the multiplayer yet. But if it's a step up from the original, which is hard to top, than it's by far the winner. And all multiplayer games are just frenetic brain burns going at warp speed. I can play for thirty minutes tops and I have had it.

But if there is one thing that makes HL2 DM great it's the friggin' Grav Gun. Everybody running around frantically picking up shit to toss at each other. Guys grabbing IN MID AIR shit I threw at them and then tossing it right back at me! I've never had so much fun getting fragged in all my life. I was hoping the DM would make up for the very lacking single player and it more than did that. I can't imagine what it would be like without the Grav Gun. But I CAN imagine how much fun the super Grav Gun would be in DM. Oh shite that would be great.

Get yourself HL2 if you haven't (who the hell hasn't?!). The DM is worth the price of admission.

Oh yeah, Steam is marketing genius. Talk about taking advantage of the impulse buy mentality. Everything there right at your fingertips. And it cuts out the middle man - the publisher! I love it.