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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Hell yes!! We're going to have a real fucking president after four years of ShrubCO. Kerry kicked ass!! Come November, vote for the MAN who will lead America back to greatness Bush is going down!.

Sketch 65 minutes. No reference.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Scary shit happens when people don't pay attention!

Apparently, the Ohio(Swing State!!)Secretary of State deems it necessary to disenfranchise some of his fellow Ohio voters for registering on improper weight paper . Let's not discuss the very real possibility he may have sent out registration forms on the wrong weight paper dailykos or that he has no authority to do this anyway What a great guy.....uhm, I mean America-Hater.

Walden O'Dell, chief executive of Diebold - makers of electronic voting machines that have no paper trail - promised at a republican fund raiser that he would do everything in his power to deliver Ohio's EVs to the president . He's now "keeping a lower profile". Another great american......erh, I mean, America-Hater.

Da Governator AHHNOLD! , has at least made it a requirement that electronic voting machines used in California will make available a paper copy for recount purposes. Although it doesn't go into effect until 2006. Which sucks, but won't matter cause Cali is all Kerry, baby! No amount of cheating will change that.

There is good news! Heh, yeah. The Lone Star Iconoclast - the daily paper of Crawford, Texas has thrown it's considerable weight behind the election of John Kerry Lone Star Iconoclast . While this is good news, I wonder what percentage of the readers, of which there are 425 in a town of 700, will vote for Bush and cancel their subscription. Not that this should be a roadblock to the paper expressing it's political leanings.

Sketch: 20 minutes.

Monday, September 27, 2004



Who am I kidding? I couldn't possibly keep up with this blog on a daily basis. I've got too much to do!

I will say this: Get registered and vote..........Kerry/Edwards!! They're gonna win, so you might as well be on the winning team. :)

Saw Ghost in the Shell: Innocence this weekend. review is on the way. yeah. hold your breath on that one.

Sketch 90 minutes. No reference.

Saturday, September 18, 2004



Not much to report. Finished up a piece for a show in October. Working on the second one today.

Sketch: 20 Minutes. Reference of Tom Sizemore. Yeah, Looks nothing like him. :)

Friday, September 17, 2004

Where did that blog go? Coulda sworn it was here.

Well, I guess I'm not so good at this blogger thing. Okay, I'm going to post everyday!

The news today had one teensy tiny little bright spot. John F. Kerry's vietnam service medal records have been officially OK'd by the United States Navy's inspector general.
The Navy conducted the investigation at the behest of Judicial, a "bi-partisan" public interest group. I wonder how this investigation serves the public interest? In one respect it does, I guess. Hopefully, the people who were likely to believe the lies about Kerry's war record will now, at least, cross that off the list of reasons to dislike the guy. Well, it will likely never change the mind of the people who spread these lies. And to them I say, SUCK IT LIARS!

On another piece of politically slanted news: Phil Parlock, a staunch WVa Republican and serial victim to liberal "thugs", may have been outed as one of the most talented brownshirt thespians to ever smear the "thuggish" left. The rumor is that the latest event, which involved his 3-year old daughter and a mean old union guy who ripped the bush/cheney 04 sign out of her cute, helpless little, may have been staged by Parlock himself. I will hold off passing judgement until all the facts are in. But if it is true, DAMN what a crackpot! It boggles the mind what some will do to paint "the other side" as vile and malignant to the American Way. I can't for the life of me wrap my head around this one. Seriously, what does he get out of doing something like this-if it's true? What his is reward?

I can at least see the Swift Liars point of view. They're pissed off at a fellow veteran for basically- as they see it-pissing on their, and all other's, service in vietnam. Which I disagree was Kerry's intention. Hell, the SBVT believe vietnam was a just war! Talk about delusional! The point is they hate Kerry and believe HE is unfit to lead our nation. They're not running around staging guerilla theater to paint all liberals as thugs. Whether you believe them or not-why would you?-they're not commited to bringing down liberalism in America, which seems to be Parlock's goal in life. If the rumor is true about this guy, he needs to BE COMMITED. That man has some serious issues.

Okay enough about that.

Two games that I am currently playing: Doom 3 and Manhunt for the PS2.

I'm finished with Doom3 and I have to say I wasn't too thrilled with this game at the beginning, but towards the very end it got entertaining. Review is on the way.

Manhunt. Hmm. Manhunt. I bought this game because it was in the preplayed/cheap aisle at EB Games. What to say about this game? It's a Rockstar That should clue in most people who have played their form of entertainment-vicecity to the complete banality that is a Rockstar production. Having played Grand Theft Auto-and been mildly entertained by the level of completely irrelevant violence that I could inflict on the denizens of Liberty City, I thought I'd give them another shot at really abusing my common decency meter. They may have succeeded. While I wasn't shocked at all by any of the ultra-violence, save for the "machete execution"-oy, that one wrecked me-I was completely put out by the fact this game got made at all.

THERE IS NO GAME HERE. You run around a bunch of levels killing thugs viciously. That's it! Needless to say, I was bored with "gameplay" after only a few levels. At least with GTA, I could just skip the gameplay and go right to the spree killing of citizens. Yeah, not much there either, but it was loads more fun trying to create so much havoc and murder trying to get the six stars necessary to get the army chasing me than it was to actually play through the linear "story" aspects of the game. With Manhunt, I'm stuck with the story. Not so fun. I'll probably finish just cause I feel I have to finish every game I start. But I give manhunt a complete zero. I'm glad I only paid a few bucks for it. Rockstar should have had the common decency to shelve this game before they reached their first milestone in the production. Nuff said.

Sketch: 30 minutes. no reference