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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Good show, chaps! Very clever.

British CLEVER

Nice design, excellent MPG, decent top speed, good price point:

"A commercial version could be a decade away, assuming a manufacturer is interested, Owen said. He said it would be priced in the micro-car bracket of around $8,500-$17,000"

Good luck finding an automaker willing to manufacture and sell a car for 8,500 dollars - in 2016. European automakers might do it. Detroit will try to get huge tarifs slapped on it to make it more expensive and less marketable, or just buy it outright and shelve it. A Japanese automaker will already have one that does (n)times better in every respect. And a Chinese manufacturer will "appropriate" the design and sell a knock-off to the China market at a third the cost.

Nevertheless, I may buy one if it ever gets to market.

Sketch: Are ya happy? I sure am. :)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Prequel - Caprica

Hmm....I don't know what to think of this. I'm a huge fan of BSG. It's just a fluke that I'm into the show. I had been in sore need of a sci-fi show fix. There had been a dearth of new science theaters and on TV and I was sufferin' I tell ya. Oh sure, there was Stargate SG1, a decent show that was loads better than the movie it was based on. But that just didn't scratch the itch.

Star Trek had long ago been destroyed as a franchise. Enterprise had it's moments at the very beginning. But Rick Berman managed that into one hell of a byzantine clusterfuck. It's amazing how quickly that show went to shit. And yet it got something like 4 seasons to tell it's story.....really badly, while a fantastic show like Firefly gets barely one season played intermittently in every time slot where Fox had an open hour to fill. Obscene.

The powers that be overextended the Star Trek franchise. Deluted it and destroyed it to the point where it physically makes me ill to watch episodes of any of the "Next Generation" shows. I've become one of those people who talks about the good ol days as being the only worthwhile ones. "ST:TOS is pure. All the rest are shite." And it's true!

Needless to say I gave up on Network TV's ability to entertain me and promptly switched off my TV for good. I had read about BSG and thought nothing about it. Regardless of the "glowing reviews" it was getting (you can't trust critics, they're in collusion with the networks), I had no desire to watch it. At the time I didn't have, or thought I didn't have the Sci-Fi channel (that's another story about my crazy cable menu that had "hidden" Sci-Fi from me -- bastards!!).

*Time Warp* to the near past and like I said, I'm seriously hurtin' for a sci-fi fix. I'm cruising Amazon and happen upon the complete season 1 and 2 compilation of Battlestar Galactica. When it comes, I promptly open up season 1 DVD and pop it in my computer. Fucking cripes was I hooked!! I stayed up all night watching the entire first season. Went home and got some sleep and came back in on Sunday and watched season 2.0.

I can't describe how unbelievably good the show is. Superb acting, superior writing, excellent direction, top notch sfx, everything! I went home that Sunday night and watched an episode of Enterprise. I actually got fucking angry while watching it. I was THAT keyed up by BSG (I'm not a nutcase, I got over it....eventually.)

I DO find some fault with BSG. I think some of the season two episodes, specifically "Black Market", felt rushed and not very coherent or consistent. But overall, it's been *almost* as good as season 1. The season finale seemed a bit forced, but I will wait for the new season to make a judgement call on the direction they're going.

Which leads me to the Battlestar Galactica prequel: Caprica scuttlebutt that's been floating around. I think this is a bad idea from the get go. BSG still has newborn legs. A new show could pull the producers in too many directions and dilute a show that has yet to really tell it's story. Capitalising on it now is gonna kill it.

But as with everything on the boob tube, we must wait to see how things play out.

Oh, if you don't want to buy the DVDs, you can buy the full seasons on iTunes for 25 bucks! I almost bought a video iPod just so I could order BSG for it. I said almost! I'm not that much of a geek.

but......Doom on iPod

I wonder when I will be able to post a sketch on this sketchblog?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Don Trachte, Sr. pulled the RockWool over our eyes.

What an interesting story:

The painting "Breaking Home Ties" traveled the world, was shown in many galleries and examined by art experts far and wide. Controversy and criticism followed it everywhere.

It is only recently that a fascinating element to its history has been brought to light. He not only fooled the world, but his own wife as well. But it is just the cynic in me who believes he intentionly misled his wife during their divorce.

Way to twist the palette knife, Don!! Ha ha. (just kidding)

There IS flattery found in imitation.